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Gone with the Wind (the most tragic love story in the history of tragic love stories after Titanic)

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I recently watched the most tragic love story in the history of tragic love stories after Titanic, Love Never Dies and Romeo and Juliet.
It's called (as you saw in the title) Gone with the Wind sporting the famous line known as "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" which was ranked number one on the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes as the most memorable movie quote in American movies. 
I've heard a lot about this movie and how wonderful it's supposed to be but I never worked up the nerve to watch it until I recently discovered a passion for old movies. Luckily my dad had it stored away and on the night of 20 September 2012 I watched this masterpiece that earned 10 Oscars and a lot of others. I understand why.
Now let's take a look at what I thought of the protagonists:


 Scarlett O'Hara:

Very snobby eh? Better than others eh?

*takes deep breath*
You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that my face is now almost red with anger.
Wait for it...
Wait for it...
Oh, no, here it comes...
...How dare that cold-hearted, selfish, whiny, snobby, alcoholic, money-loving ninny mistreat Rhett like that! How dare she!!!
Rhett gave her everything she wanted and all he wanted in return was her love and comfort but nooooooooo!
She is only after his money and didn't even care for their daughter at all! And calling Rhett "no gentleman"? That must have been the worst insult a man like him could ever get!
And pleeeeeeeease get that stupid Ashley off your mind! He wasn't going anywhere but Rhett was!
I can understand that the war changed Scarlett but even so. She's got a stinking rich husband and she can be certain that she "will never go hungry again" but really?
*let's it out*
Still young and innocent...
Phew! Okay, see what I mean? You sure you want to read further?
On to the things I liked about Scarlett.
She always keeps he promises even though she can't put up and act to save her life or her marriage.
Yeah, sure she stayed by Melanie in the times when she needed it the most but was it really necessary for her to tell Rhett that Melly wanted her to take care of Ashley? How do you think that sounded to him?
Another thing I like about her is her tendency to overreact. I know it isn't really a good thing but I almost fell of my chair when she told Rhett she'll hate and despise him till she dies! Yeah right! Like that's gonna happen! That just adds a pinch of humor to it.
Then finally her passion for her family and Tara. Of course anyone would cry when their father dies but Scarlett made sure to keep Tara just as her father wanted. I suspect that's why she wants to keep the land come hell or high water.
Done with this one.

Movin' on!

Rhett Butler:

*five minutes later*
Sorry guys I've only just woken up after I fainted while searching for suitable pictures of him.
That is pretty much what I think about him.
Two words.
Darn. Sexy.
Sue me if you don't think so but he is! To bad Clark Gable is 111 already and dead at 53...
It's not fair! :(
Either way. His personality is something that stood out to me in particular. He is a smart-mouth and can think of a witty reply to anything even in times of war. His love for Bonnie is another thing I like about him.
That man was devoted to her and when she died he was broken in two pieces, never to be whole again. It was almost as bad as losing Scarlett, almost worse if I could say so.
He is also the typical knight in shining armor, always there with his buggy when Scarlett needed him (except with the taxes in Tara, but he was in jail so you'll have to excuse him).
Now...ladies and gentlemen! Let the Rhett Butler Photo Festival begin! (either you're in or you're out, your choice)

The other characters all seem minor to these two famous protagonists but I do have a few thoughts to share on the other.
Melanie Wilkes: Won't...well can't say anything bad about anyone! Her actress, Olivia de Havilland, is the only one out of the quartet that is still alive as I'm writing this despite the other three all dying at a young age. She's now retired in Paris at the ripe age of 96.
Ashley Wilkes: He looks to much like my sister's crush (who looks like an anorexic stick-bug) but a good character all the same. Too bad he's the only thing that's keeping Scarlett from being with Rhett forever.
Mammy!: My stepsister's favorite character! Even when Scarlett's mom died, she was laughing at Mammy crying. The same with Bonnie's death. The first African-American to be nominated and to win an Academy Award.
In conclusion, it was the most beautiful movie I've ever seen and I've got to admit that I did cry at the end *hangs head in shame*
Definitely on my wishlist now:

To end on a lighter tone:

Ps: I just saw Iron Man 3's trailer and it looks AWESOME!!! :D

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  1. Very good analysis of the main characters! This is definitely one of my all-time favourite movies. I'm not sure that I'll want to read any of the sequel novels ... Gone with the Wind is one of a kind and I'd want to preserve my memory of this masterpiece the way it was intended. But your mileage may differ!